Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rhythmic Montage and Music Videos

Eisenstien's writings on montage clarified, for me, the different categories that seem fitting to all types of montage.  However, when I was thinking about Rhythmic montage, naturally music videos came to mind.  Filmmakers usually treat visual elements as the primary and auditory elements as secondary.  However, when it comes to music videos, the whole purpose the video is created is to 'support' the song.  It is used as a marketing tool, allowing the label or artist to create an artist's brand, image, and just for exposure of the song through visual media such as television or the internet.  Music videos can be either narrational or not but they almost always have something to do with the lyrics of the music or the tonality of the music.  Most of the time, they are edited very rhythmically to accentuate the beat of the song.  One interesting example is Michel Gondry's work because he goes beyond editing to use the visual to support the music.  He uses post-production special effects.  I wonder what Eisenstien would have to say about using special effects to tell a story and if he could categorize different types of special effects or not.  A great video of Gondry's to cite would be Chemical Brother's "Star Guitar".


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