Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tout Non Va Bien

It's surprising that over a week after the movie anyone has yet to post a commentary on the syncratic relationship between the state of the world economy and our viewing of Tout Va Bien. (I am sorry, I am a political-economy nerd, it can't be helped!). Since the fourth wall was just broken in this blog post I will be less pedantic and condescending and just be out with it.

The meat factory worker strike, declining wages, increasing profits, more dangerous working conditions, declining standard of living in urban areas, insane school debts and high rents, lower quality food products. We all know it. Capitalism sucks. Thanks Godard, for reminding us about the cyclical nature of industrialization and the concentration of wealth. We really needed that refresher course.

We all love you Godard, we do. The screen shot came from Manufactured Landscapes, you can watch it full length on youtube!


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