Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Working on Pierrot

I have always been interested in Godard’s process in the production of a film.  In Godard on Godard he says, “Ever since my first film, I have always said I’m going to prepare the script more carefully, and each time I see another chance to improvise, to do it all in shooting, without applying the cinema to something.” (217)

In searching online further about his process, I found a page that shows the shooting schedule, notes and scene breakdowns by Suzanne Schiffman for Pierrot Le Fou.  I find it interesting to compare the documents to the final work to see the spaces that he found most appropriate for improvisation.  I’m still translating it as my French is poor but thought I would share some images and the link with everybody.

There are many more scans on the actual page.  Here is the link.  


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