Monday, December 20, 2010

Éloge de l'amour – Edgar, the only person trying to become an adult

Edgar examines the life and love with three couples, and this process is a kind of sociological research. He has difficult time to cast right persons for a mature period. It is relatively easy to recognize young or old couple. Young people look forward and leave the past behind. Old people stay in nostalgia rejecting passing time. Comparing these two periods, it is hard to define a mature period. In the film, Philippe was asked why he uses the honorific to Edgar, and the answer is that Edgar is the only person trying to become an adult. Like this, this film is also about being adult.

In real life, it is hard to answer how to be an adult as human. In this film, Godard seems to try to give answer for that question. In the second part of film, Edgar has a conversation with Berthe’s godfather (I am not sure him exactly) before coming back to Paris. The conversation is: nucleus of an atom is the basis of existence and around it is life. And people only obsess the life without seeing nucleus.

At this moment, camera zooms in several times while they are talking. It looks like the effort to be close to the basis of existence. And this movement is distinct and it somehow shows how to be an adult. Namely, being adult means the person who tries to think of the basis of existence.


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