Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fragments of Conversations with Jean-Luc Godard (2007)

I just found that the documentary I was searching for a while before this class is recently uploaded on youtube by someone.

Here is Fragments of Conversations with Jean-Luc Godard (2007)

A documentary by Alain Fleischer that about the exhibition Kevyn posted, Voyage(s) en utopie at the Pompidou Center 2006.

The beginning of this project is because his teaching plan in La Fresnoy call Collage(s) de France was revised, so he turned the idea into an installation project, asked Alain Fleischer to make this documentary to record the process, combines with the interviews with several people such like Dominique Paini.

In the early part of this documentary, Godard gives reaction about the anti-semitic doubt towards him, and talks about his opinions on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. This part is juxtaposed with some clips of and conversations about Notre Musique, which give me some late re-understanding about it.

The part that interested me most is in the 6~9 /12 part that Godard and Dominique Paini talks about new media installation and film, the different intransparency of the different medium, and the pre-existence of the language of cinema (Actually the quote by Andre S. Labarthe "the guillotine invented the close-up" was my motivation to find this documentary.) In my understanding this conversation brings out why Godard seen the cinema as a tool to doubt, also make me think of Pasolini's qoute "cinema in its essense is a question towards the sun…"   


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